Why is This Presidential Election Different?

Danielle Hughes, Reporter

I don’t know about you but I remember last year even before the election the people running for it was talked about a lot more on every social media platform, there were lots of commercials about them and to vote for them, could not do anything without seeing their face somewhere. This time I didn’t even know who the running people was until yesterday and the only reason I found out was because I asked a friend if the people have even started campaigning yet and who they were.

Why are they keeping it so quiet this time? Last time almost everyone was talking about it, I haven’t heard a single thing about the election. The question is: who does everyone want to be it so far? Well, what are they bringing to the plate. Well, what’re the problems first?
Trump lost part of America’s trust with killing one of the biggest military leaders, Bernie wants communism and every other place that’s had communism has failed majorly, also where would they get the money from if everyone is treated equally? Then there is Joe who was Barack’s Vice President, a decent amount of people did not like him so would he be just like him or will he be different? If he is the same, then some people won’t like him, if he is not then maybe more people will like him but he could be worse if he is different. There is so many things that could go wrong with this election but no one even wants to discuss it.