Winter Horoscopes


What will this season hold for you?

Peyton Johnson, Staff Reporter

November 22-December 21
You’ve been invited to conflicting Christmas parties and the gravitational pull of Venus has you feeling indecisive. Better check your schedule… 5:30:  jazzercise, 6:00: stare into the abyss, 7:00: wrestle with self loathing, 8:00: dinner with yourself.. no use, you’re booked! Sorry Sagittarius!
December 22-January 19
As the earth reaches its farthest point from the moon over the winter season, Capricorn will fill a lot less strong willed. This will result in an increased urge to “go with the flow.” While you may enjoy the relaxed vibe, do not go overboard with the conformity. Stay true to yourself.
January 20-February 18
Saturn is holding a very high power position this year for Aquarius. This a rare occurrence, and  happens only once every 29 years. That being said, take advantage of your increased confidence this month, but be wary of dangerous situations, such as slick roads, cold weather and Red Ryder BB guns!
February 19-March 20
The gentle nature of people born under Pisces, paired with the not-so-gentle cold weather are not a good combination. The change of season and shorter days may leave you feeling in a rut. Unfortunately, the “most wonderful time of the year” can seem to be the most dreary.  Cheer yourself up by watching a Christmas movie marathon or going to see a lights display!
March 21-April 19
Being known as the pioneers of the zodiac, Aries faces new obstacles with vigor and bravery. You do not let things get to you easily. This holiday season while times get hectic, you will keep your cool and play an important role in helping others, whether it be simply helping your mom wrap presents or volunteering at a shelter. Santa will appreciate your good deeds, so look forward to Christmas morning.
April 20-May 20
December for Taurus is ruled by Venus, named after the greek goddess associated with vanity. That being said, Taurus focuses more on the rewards than simply the content of their deeds. This holiday season, you will be focused on more recieving than giving. The reason for the season is not only gifts. Selfishness can get you stuck with coal in your stockings!
May 21-June 20
Geminis, a sun sign, are known to love attention and always have something to say. Around the end of the year, you naturally feel drawn to help others get into the holiday spirit, whether they like it or not. A word of advice, carolling is cute in the movies, not the school hallways… STOP SINGING.
June 21-July 22
Cancer’s mascot is a crab, a sheltered little creature. This is symbolic of a Cancer’s instinctive love of family and maternal nature, making Christmas one of your favorite times of the year. Your normal attitude is “the more the merrier,” but be cautious of who you chose to surround yourself with this season. You never know who might be a grinch and steal your Christmas.
July 23-August 22
Leo is considered the most ambitious of all zodiac signs. With the new year approaching, you are determined to make the best of winter break. However, stressing about having fun, doesn’t actually count as having fun. Try to relax somewhat.
August 23-September 22
The combination of cold weather and increased low tides has you feeling increasingly distant. You may need space from certain people. However, December will bring you an admirer for whom the feelings are not reciprocated. Beware of sneaky mistletoe!
September 23-October 22
Like always, Libra struggles with being extremely indecisive. You are struggling to move on to better things, but you are also scared to leave the past behind. Learn that sometimes you have to focus on your own happiness before that of others.
October 23-November 21
Scorpio is known for being sneaky around the time of the winter solstice. Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring… Except you! We know you snooped through the closet to see your Christmas presents. Count on coal in your stocking just for that!