Sony and Microsoft Working Together

Danielle Hughes, Reporter

Recently all of the gamers have been talking about how Sony is finally working together with Microsoft, they have made Minecraft cross platform and are still updating it, they are also supposed to be working on systems together for the XBox scarlet and PS5. How does everyone feel about this?

Well, all of the things I have heard have been good. Every PlayStation person and Xbox person I have talked to has been excited about it because they will finally be able to play with their friends on other platforms with more games. I myself am happy about it because a lot of the people I play Minecraft and Fortnite with are usually on Xbox and all though Fortnite has upgraded their voice chat it is still hard to talk because a lot of people do not like to play it so you cannot talk to them because you can not have cross platform parties. I think that should be an update. I also think you should also make it so the ps app you can join parties on it like you can on XBox because I think it would be very convenient. There is many things they could both do to make theirs systems better and help the community’s come together for better experiences and fun.