Best Drinks- Fast Food

Maddie Ayers, Reporter

Me, Maddie Ayers, being a professional drive- thru customer I am here to inform you of the BEST drink at the BEST fast food restaurants.

Starbucks – Vienti Green Tea Lemonade, light ice, no sweetener, just a splash of lemonade. I adore this refresher because it is truly so REFRESHING! Even if you’re not a big green tea person, it’s not overbearing at all and it’s so good for you that it is a healthy habit.

Chick-Fil-a – Keep it classic with a good old Large Lemonade. This classic pairs perfect with any meal. And Chick-fil-a does lemonade better than anyone.

Panera Bread – Cup of hot Green Tea & a Large Water w/ lots of lemons in both. This way you have hot and ya got cold. Added bonus: water is free.

Green Revolution- Dragon Fruit Smoothie. This store is new to the mall and to my heart. With tons of yummy and healthy options to try this one is certainly the best, unique flavor and texture in the most perfect combination.

Wendy’s- Strawberry Lemonade. Wendy’s does this drink like no other. Made with real fruit it’s quite a winner.

Taco Bell- Baja Blast Freeze. Mountain Dew with a spin and frozen? What a win! Best part is it’s only a dollar during happy hour.