Danielle Hughes, Reporter

There is so many people talking about coronavirus recently, you can barely go online without seeing someone talking about it or seeing a meme about it. They are making it seem like such a big thing that is killing millions. Is it really that deadly? Well, in America, I have not heard of one person dying over it. I think it depends where you are at that determines how likely it is to get it and how deadly it is, in my opinion. I think we do not really have to worry that much about it considering we are cleaner and more financially covered than most places.

Last time I checked there were only 29 confirmed cases in the United States. I think the reason people have over exaggerated it so much is because there has been a plague outbreak in 1820 and 1920. Another reason that it has been so over exaggerated is because they have not found a cure for it. It also could be since most people have just been using it for memes on social media platforms to either scare people or just make content people want to see and are using it to boost themselves while making it a big and deadly deal.

What can we really do about it though? Well, for starters, eliminate going out of country or around places or people who have gone out of the country. Also keep clean, use hand sanitizer, try not to touch stuff others could have contaminated or places that have a lot of germs. I would be more worried about the common cold or a 48 hour virus than this, just try not to panic.