Popular Conspiracy Theories in West Virginia

Danielle Hughes, Staff Reporter

There’s many theories you hear about but they are usually from other states if it’s even in the United States or the world so it makes you think, “What do we have?” Well, we may seem like a not-so-amazing state and who would care enough to make a story about stupid, old, hick-filled, boring-and-lousy West Virginia, well some people did so we have some interesting theories here.

  1. Mothman and the collapse of The Silver Bridge. I am sure most of us have heard of our famous local Mothman. The sign near it is talking about the collapsed bridge during rush hour on December 15th, 1967 and how it was caused by a bad weld. Well, some people have said it was caused by Mothman who was seen in the area before the bridge collapsed.
  2. Bigfoot sighting. This one is not commonly talked about that much but it is claimed that Bigfoot was walking through the woods at Snowshoe and that the government is just trying to keep him from us.
  3. Mountain lions. It is claimed by may people here in West Virginia. Some say that the government put them here on purpose to help with the deer and other animals overpopulating. I personally believe this one because I have heard many times about people near me seeing them.
  4. Danny Casolaro murder/suicide. He was an American journalist that was found dead in a bathtub in Martinsburg, West Virginia with around 12 deep cuts, it was later ruled as a suicide. So what’s the big deal? Well, his family said he had been murdered. He was constantly receiving threatening calls at night. One of them was about how if something where to happen to him in Martinsburg it would not be an accident. He was also squeamish and was afraid of getting his blood drawn so why would that be the way he commits suicide out of all of the ways he could have done it.