Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Recently my brother Jackson Oxley, senior, and JJ Roberts, senior have started to take yoga classes. It is supposed to better their football skills as they are both attending universities with the intention to play. When they came back from yoga yesterday for the first time, my parents asked them how they liked it. And because of their positive response Harper Goldy, freshman and I will be attending as well. When asked on the subject Goldy said, ”I’m not flexible so this is gonna be interesting.”

I really don’t know how to do yoga though, nor do I want to. Although I have nothing going for me anyway so I may as well try something. Goldy is excited because she gets to buy workout clothes. ”I genuinely have a problem with shopping, and I’m sure this will feed my addiction well.”

So in the end whether I like it or not, I am now a person who participates in yoga.