Music Reviews


Music can evoke many emotions and brighten your day.

Hannah Compton, Staff Reporter

“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” by Miley Cyrus
Miley released this remake originally made famous by Led Zeppelin,

written upon its 1969 release. Miley’s cover of the song proves her

talent. Led Zeppelin’s version is brilliant, yet dull, while Miley’s

cover shows how strong her voice is. Her voice stands bold against the

beat of the drums and outstanding guitar riffs. One could say that a

song by Led Zeppelin and sounds like Led Zeppelin should only be

performed by them. Their sound is iconic. It is understandable that

Miley would cover them, and she did a beautiful job.

“Often” by The Weekend  
The Weekend could be considered iconic for being so young and this

influential on R&B. His new hit “Often” portrays sexuality with social

acceptance. This hit is possibly pushing the limits, however, the

young singer sure pulls it off. With a voice that is romantic, it

automatically attracts listeners of both genders. The slow but hard

beat compliments his vocals well. The Weekend’s voice is extremely

emotional in this song giving a sense that people can relate. The song

is mellowed, proving mixed emotions and feelings.

“Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey
Lana’s newest album shows her talent on a whole new level. Her hyper-

stylized glamour queen style comes out along with her American

culture. Her song “Brooklyn Baby” shows her rough edge. A modern love

story comes to life with Lana’s wide range of vocals. “West Coast”

takes after Stevie Nick’s southern California vibe, while  “Money,

Power ,Glory” The song symbolizes revenge. She is out to get a rich

man for all he is worth, after what he had done.  Overall, this album

was a definite success and one of Lana’s best.

“The Endless River” by Pink Floyd
The album was a great success. Pink Floyd is one of the most iconic

bands of all time, and their come back withstands that. “Talkin

Hawkin” seems to be favored by deep thinkers. The song features Steven

Hawking talking about the world’s way of communication and what needs

to be changed. One could only imagine what change to music there is to

come. Their trippy rock sound may bring back some hope for this