Spring Break!


Photo Credit- https://www.mypartytravel.org/india/goa-party-travel-beach/

Jordan McCoy , reporter

Throughout the school year students spend the majority of their time looking forward to the next break. In three weeks Spring Break will arrive! Many students are excited to spend that time resting, eating, and spending time with friends and family. While writing this article I wondered what other activities students are planning to do throughout their break. I interviewed Cabell Midland student Dawson Bryan to see what he’d be up to. When asked, he stated,

“I think sleeping and going to baseball practice are the things I’m most looking forward to!”

I also asked senior Alaina Asebus what she was going to be up to when Spring Break arrived, she gave the statement,

“I’m going to the beach! Laying in the sun, relaxing, and eating are the main things I’m going to do.”

While everyone has different activities planned for break, no one is sad about having a break from school!