Homecoming or Prom?


Jordan McCoy , reporter

Every year Cabell Midland has a homecoming dance and prom for the students! Homecoming is open to any student who wants to attend and prom is open only to juniors and seniors. But which dance is more fun? To find the answer I polled a few of my peers. When asked senior Isaiah Davis stated,

“Prom is way more fun! They don’t even compare. There are way too many people at homecoming dances, it’s crazy!”

I also asked another Midland student, Rachael Swanson. She said,

“Honestly I love them both, but Homecoming is way too crowded!”

There are a huge amount of students at Cabell Midland High School so maybe limiting the amount of students allowed to go or holding it at a different location would make these dances more enjoyable for everyone!