Model S

AJ Tolbert, Reporter

The Model S is an all electric four-door sedan made by Tesla. The car was released in 2012 and was very innovative for its time. One of the major selling points for these cars was autopilot. When it first came out people were amazed by it. Tesla’s Model S starts around $80,000, but that is just the base model. There are a bunch of upgrades that can be added to make the ride even more fancy. It has around a 350 mile range which will take around 40 minutes to charge. Tesla’s can receive software updates which can improve the car without it even being taken into a shop. Many of the software updates improve the battery and sometime even make the car faster.

The best version of the Model S can go from 0-60 in 2.4 seconds. That speed is with the performance edition of the car. They claim the top speed to be 163 mph. With a purchase of a Model S you also get free unlimited supercharging. Around the U.S. there are supercharging stations where Tesla owners can charge their cars fairly quickly. There are many of these superchargers in California. Many people own Tesla’s in California because that is where the Tesla factory it. The Model S is overall a very reliable electric car for people who can afford it.