I Am Awful at Biology


Rachael Oxley, Reporter

I don’t know why. I was literally better at chemistry, and that involves math, so I’m not sure what’s going on. This year I blocked Chemistry and Biology. I had Schreiber last semester, and now I have Crow. She’s fine, she really is, but she’s young and determined, and is still trying hard. So I have to do a binder with all of my stuff in order. I get it, I just feel like a three year old. I also have to do bell ringers which is a whole other problem.

This may sound stupid but I actually don’t care. I was perfectly fine with thinking the mitochondria, (powerhouse of the cell) stopped at that. It’s that simple. No, apparently not. I don’t have the attention span and patience for a Spotify ad, I don’t understand why they would think I could pull those notes off.