Spring Break

Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Some people go to the beach. Some go to the Great Wolf Lodge, or Dollywood. I personally believe the best spring breaks are spent at home, or I’m just telling myself that because that is most likely my fate.

Anyway, I am writing this because it is currently the only thing I’m looking forward to at this point. Maybe we should have more breaks. I just think that we should probably have more things to look forward to with school, other than not being in it. Maybe that starts with the freshman games and rewards. Why are the kids with the easiest workload getting rewarded? I am sure juniors or seniors need a break. I would think that the administration could tell by now by their attendance.

Yet since that will never happen because of the school’s lack of recognition for declining student mental health, here are some exciting ideas for spring break.

1. HIKING- I feel like we forgot about this is swear. I used to really enjoy going on these. One time we got lost for like four hours, but that’s besides the point. As long as you have a smart person in your group, you can make it.

2. T.V. -This is easy – just watch some stupid shows. Big Mouth is good, but I’ve kinda been watching a lot of movies lately. Good Will Hunting and Edward Scissorhands are immaculate options if you are wondering. Personally, I believe Edward Scissorhands deserved better.

3. BAKE- I know that’s the opposite of what people usually do on spring break, with trying to get ready for summer, but it’s an option. It also doesn’t always have to be unhealthy, but it’s better that way. Anyway, I used to do this when I was 8, I highly recommend.

That’s it, you can do those if you want. If you are leaving to somewhere don’t come back the virus is spreading.