Go Through my Friday with Me

Rachael Oxley, Reporter

I’m gonna try and write like every class, so just enjoy I guess.

1. SHIELD- 7:51 AM- I am tired and trying to pump out a bunch of late journalism stories. I actually fell asleep at ten though which is crazy for me, but I guess that changes nothing.

2.BIOLOGY BLOCK-9:12- I am bored and about to do a weird relay race. It is now the second mod of the block. I kind of get what is going on, not really though.

3.GEOMETRY-10:33- We are just writing notes, and there is a group of kids shouting out letters for her to use.

4. JOURNALISM-11:06-Harper came in like she always does in her lunch period and we are currently vibing. I just realized I left one of my airpods at home.

5. LUNCH -12:03- It is pepperoni roll day, so there is mass chaos in the cafeteria. The other option is chicken patty and I feel like its changed. I’ll have to do an investigative story on that.

6.ENGLISH-12:30- I absolutely hate this class.

7.POTTERY-1:15-I have to trim a pot I’m making for the bean I grew in BIO.

8.APUSH-2:37- I wanna go home now. I’m tired and bored.

I MADE IT. Sort of.