Cell Phones


Alaina Asebes, Reporter

Here at Cabell Midland, we are not allowed to have phones out.  If any administrator sees a cell phone, they must take it.  They say it’s to reduce bullying, fights, and distractions in the classrooms. Although those things to happen, students will always find a way to get on a device. The students even believe that there are several blockers, blocking the service of all carriers to limit the use of cell phones. I believe it too, every time I use my phone before I go into school, my phone works great. But as soon as I walk into the school, my phone stops working. It’s very annoying. Everyone complains about it daily, just wishing we could get on our phones. Students should politely bring this problem up to the administrators and ask to have phones out at lunch.

Having phones out at lunch wouldn’t be a big deal. Students should be able to check their phones without worrying about their device getting taken. It would not be that bad of an idea. We should be allowed to try it out someday, just to test the waters. Having the phones out would create less tension. I understand where school officials are coming from, but we wish they would just listen to us too.