Alaina Asebes, reporter

Being a senior has its perks for sure. But it also has major, just complete downfalls. Seniors rarely ever get in trouble for minor things such as tardies, absences, and phones. It is really nice to not have to worry about ALC also, we seniors only get ALC for being in deeeeeeep trouble. There is one problem, senioritis. It is so real. It is not a myth at all. Everyone seems to over exaggerate this thing called senioritis but there is NO exaggerating it. I always told myself I would not skip school and that I would always make up my work if I had missed. Now, I skip school to sleep. I miss a day a week. It takes everything in me to get up in the morning. I literally cannot go a full week without wanting to die.

Seniors should be allowed to have an endless amount of excused days for this disease called senioritis. All seniors need to have recovery days. Ask any senior that attends Cabell Midland, going to school is hard at times. It is so draining. Half day seniors have it way worse I swear. We have jobs after school and then we get home late every night from working. Most seniors only have two real classes and the rest are filler classes making it difficult to want to get up for school. I promise you everyone experiences it once in life.