Tier Ranking of Food in School Cafeteria

Chase Blower, Reporter

Today I am composing a tier ranking of the food at our very own school cafe.

School Foods being included:

Pep Rolls

Steak Hoagies

Chicken Patty


Italian Sub

Meatball Sub


S Tier: These are the school foods that you run down the hallway for. The ones that you actually thank Michelle Obama for.

Pep Rolls (A Student Fav and a Classic)

A Tier: These are the school foods that you don’t run for but are pleased to eat.

Chicken Patty (Chicken Patties are actually pretty tasty, I recommend use ketchup.)

B Tier: Solid Food at the Cafe

Italian Sub (Pretty good food choice, especially with the banana peppers.)

C Tier: The last tier, my least favorite foods at our school.

The Steak Hoagie (I just do not prefer steak on a sandwich.)

The Meatball Sub (Meat Balls have never been my thing)

Pizza (The triangle and square pizza is not bad, but the round pizza is great. We need more round pizza!)