Porsche Taycan

AJ Tolbert, Reporter

Recently, Porsche released their new car which is all electric. This is the first electric car that Porsche has released and one of the only electric sports car. The range on the Taycan is around 200 miles. This is about 100 miles lower than the Tesla Model S. The starting price for the Taycan is around $100,000. This is about $20,000 more than the Tesla Model S.  The Taycan has about 750 horsepower and it takes full advantage of being electric. It is also a four-door cart because the car had to be longer to fit the battery. Most Porsche cars are all two-doors.

One of the features of the Porsche Taycan is the regenerative breaks. This allows the car to regenerate battery when breaking. It uses the force that is going into the breaks and puts it back into the battery. The electric car market has mostly been dominated by Tesla. With Porsche coming out with this new all electric sports car it gives Tesla competition and motivation to improve so they can stay on top.