What is the Hardest Year In High School?



Chase Blower, Reporter

I believe the hardest year in High School is Sophomore Year. Sophomore year is the time where you learn to study and really work hard. My Sophomore year was especially hard because I had a schedule filled with APUSH, Chem, Biology, and Algebra 2. Chem and Biology produce as some of the hardest early on classes at the castle. APUSH was my first AP class in high school and was a real challenge. APUSH although fun had some really hard tests and forced me to learn and think in an AP class. Lastly was Algebra 2 (Then Math 3 STEM), which was no easy task, providing a lot of work itself.

To all freshman out there: be prepared. The easy times of freshman year are almost over and the storm is coming. Next year will prove to be pretty difficult but will teach you a lot about how to be a student and how to work hard in school.