February Teacher of the Issue: Don Scalise


Damon Linville

History teacher Don Scalise brings joy to many of his students.

Heather Barker, Editor-in-Chief

Although history may not be the most exciting subject for some students, one teacher goes above and beyond to keep his students interested in his topics and engages his students to do the same.
“Maybe students enjoy the classes and topics I teach,” said history teacher Don Scalise. “I try to make history and civics as interesting as possible.”
Scalise has been teaching for nine years at Cabell Midland and has made impacts on several students including senior Hope Reynolds. This is her second year having Scalise as a teacher and plans to continue the tradition she started last year.
“I made a quote book of all the interesting things Mr. Scalise said and gave it to him at the end of the year,” said Reynolds. “He really liked it.”
Scalise begins his classes with a current events journal question to engage the minds of his students and allows for them to express their opinions without being criticized.
“We have really interesting journal questions that allow us to say what we think, and he makes class entertaining and easy to learn in,” said senior Abigail Samson.
With the subject range being so wide, Scalise teaches history in a way in which students are always thinking in creative ways and never have the same learning schedule any day of the week.
“I try to think about things I would find interesting if I were still in high school,” said Scalise. “I like to use review games and try to get them involved by breaking up the class mod into short sections to keep things interesting.”
Not only do the students learn from Scalise, but Scalise has learned much from the hundreds of students over the years.
“I enjoy teaching because I wanted to do something that made an impact, and everyday something different happens,” said Scalise.