Looking Forward to the Next Year of School

Students begin scheduling for the upcoming year

Students look forward to their next year of school at Cabell Midland.


Students look forward to their next year of school at Cabell Midland.

Bryce Hardiman, Staff Reporter

Class Scheduling has begun for students at the castle. From upcoming sophomores to upcoming seniors scheduling, students will have to choose what to take for next year’s classes.
“Class scheduling is always somewhat exciting,” said sophomore Alexis Forney. “It’s always interesting to see how many credits you have left.”
Midland has expanded the opportunities in the school with the Academy Program and the Pathway Program.
“This helped me understand what I have to do to be ready for my field of work when I graduate,” said junior Levi McCormick.
The school has a mandatory 24 accumulative credits to graduate. Those credits also are in reliance to mandatory electives needed to graduate, such as a fine arts credit, gym and health credit and two foreign language credits.
“I think this fulfills the learning experience more than anything,” said Forney. “From a foreign language to a fine arts, it expands what you’re learning in the classroom.”
Many juniors are choosing their final schedule and are dealing with big decisions that will replicate on the graduation process.
“Its nerve racking to deal with the final scheduling of my high school career,” said McCormick.
Some seniors are choosing to take half days for their jobs and some are even attending college courses at local colleges.
“Working at Chick-fil-a gives me a salary to work with,” said junior Dustin Smith. “It gives me more pocket change to hang out with friends on the weekend and purchase things.”
For others who are trying to receive college credits at an early stage, Midland offers many dual credit and Advanced Placement courses that can give students a head start for college.
“The dual credit English course is what I’ll be taking my senior year,” said junior Griffin Allif. “I feel this will give me the first come experience before I embark on the task of college.”
For other students, some are attempting to raise their grade point average or earning the last credits they need to graduate.
“I’m working on raising my G.P.A to be accepted in some colleges,” said junior Chase Pratt. “Taking easier courses will hopefully raise my accumulative averages.”
As scheduling comes along, the school begins to prepare for the upcoming school year and students plan to embark on a new curriculum.