Easy Tabbouleh Recipe



Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Tabbouleh is a well known and adored dish for many people across the world. Most Middle Eastern and some European countries eat Tabbouleh. Tabbouleh can make for a perfect light snack, an accompaniment for a meal, or just the main dish at the dinner party.

Tabbouleh is almost always made with bulgar wheat, parsley, tomatoes, mint and lemon juice, but depending on what country you are in or who is making the Tabbouleh the recipe can differ. First you will want to cook your bulgar wheat for the time allotted on the package, and be cutting up tomatoes and draining excess juice off them with a strainer.

Now, after the bulgar is cooked, grab a large bowl to mix everything in, add in the bulgar, chopped tomatoes, then you will want to add quite a bit of parsley finely chopped, and mint. Usually fresh mint leaves make the best Tabbouleh but if you cannot access them dried mint always works. Then you can add the lemon juice, and stir everything very well.

You can refrigerate the Tabbouleh, eat it as soon as you make it, anything. This recipe relies on adding to taste, and using unique ingredients to add in your own twist. Maybe someday you can look back on this recipe and try to make Tabbouleh.