The Aliens Brought the Corona Virus and are Invading

Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Most of our population is in mild panic. It is mostly adults and elders freaking out, while gen z’s get excited on the chance to miss school. On Thursday night at around eight at night, my friend Hailey Casto, sophomore, saw UFO’S. ”It was very shiny and looked small from where I was, but we all know they were bigger.” When asked on the quantity she says,”I estimate about 60 to 70.” They were described as all being in a line and very suspicious. I genuinely believe they brought corona to us. Is it a coincidence? No.

They are trying to make us weaker, and more susceptible to their mind control. While we are focused on this outbreak, the government is trying to negotiate with the aliens. Or did the government induce this to distract us from other things, and reduce population? Whatever it is, it is suspicious.