My Biology Bean

Rachael Oxley, reporter

In Biology we grew beans. Our bean was flourishing. It had beautiful green leaves, and was super long and healthy. It went farther than any other bean in our class. I became attached like a middle aged failed dreamer living through their child. Today on March 9, 2020, my bean had died. Our teacher refused our right to pot a plant, and so over the weekend, it had wilted. The problem is I had already started making a home for our bean.

In pottery I made a  fantastic small bowl on the wheel perfect for our plant. I was told that I could go out and buy another plant to fill its home. My bean deserves more respect than that. It wasn’t even given a proper funeral. Instead my group called it stinky, and without me knowing threw it in the trash can. I would never disrespect a living thing like that. My hamster hung himself in December. He was given a beautiful funeral, aside from the fact that he was accidentally stepped on by Harper Goldy, freshman. There was an amazing playlist though. My bean deserves justice.