The Wildcats Making History For XFL


Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

The XFL is in it first season is now under way and now actual half way done with there season. The XFl team Los Angeles Wildcats have accomplished a great fate in rewriting a new record for the XFL.

In week 5 on Sunday the Wildcat found their groove and halted the momentum of the Vipers, who jumped out to a big lead the with Josh Johnson one of the best passing QB in the league slinging it around the Wildcats came storming back grinding their way back.

With Many TD later the wildcats were making a historic comeback but not for the biggest comeback ever. Finally the Vipers made a fatal mistake and threw a pick causing the Wildcats to score and break the 40 point mark for the first time in XFL history. With the 41-34 score going final, the Wildcats officially improve to 2-3 on the season, while the Vipers fall all the way to 1-4 despite their recent improvements.

There is many more games to play and records to break and more years to come for this league. The real question is who will be next, what record will be broken next, what is next for this league?