As Winter Comes, so do Delays


Elizabeth Nance

In the month of February alone, Cabell County has experienced five snow days and two 2-hour delays.

Bryce Hardiman, Staff Reporter

As the winter season comes, the tough decisions on cancellations and delays begin to heat up.
Cabell County has taken last year’s winter season into heavy consideration on this year’s new changes to schedules and closing codes.
“The changes have to be made to advance the learning experience,” said Natalie Chapman. “The snow days are great in all, but we always have to make that day up in the end.”
The new schedule changes to Cabell County has resulted in a mandatory 180 day school year agenda.
“I think this will make it easier for the board to work with,” said junior Dustin Smith. “From all the craziness with the schedule last year, this will help everyone know what is to come.”
There is not only schedule changes, but cancellation codes have been changed as well. The revisions to the district’s school closing codes result in a Code Green where students report on a two hour delay, Code Red where students do not report and lastly, Code Blue where the school will be closed.
“Everyone had trouble last year of what each code represented,” said Smith. “The code changes will make it simpler for us to know the result of the board’s decision.”
There has been speculation throughout the county of the rumor that two hour delays will not be used in the school cancellation process.
“The two hours we get off is truly beneficial to the busses and transportation,” said Smith. “I think it will stay as it is.”
With all of these changes being made, the board is prepared for what the winter may bring.