Trying to get my License

Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Driving isn’t that hard, it really isn’t. Pretty much everyone does it , and my whole outlook is if the majority can, I can too. Probably because I’ve been wired as a sheep in my society, but that doesn’t matter.

The interstate is one thing that absolutely terrifies people. You can ask why and they’ll tell you it’s just merging on and off. It’s really not that complicated though, and once you get on, it’s kinda just a straight line. No stop lights. It’s beautiful actually.

Now let’s talk about road rage. I don’t have that yet, but I can completely see why people would. First of all, I don’t know what I’m doing, my mom barely does either. There is a 30% chance I got yelled at yesterday. I don’t even know, I was just stopped at a red light.

The terrifying thing about road rage is if they don’t go a different direction, you just kinda drive along with them until hopefully they turn off of where you’re driving.

Anyway, there is no way I’m getting my license on my birthday, but one can try.