Top 5 Cool Math Games You Should Play During The Coronacation

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Meredith Mears, Reporter

Since the Coronavirus has begun to close down several schools, restaurants, and even churches, some people are left with a lot of time on their hands. It has been recommended that gatherings of ten or more should be cancelled due to growing concerns of the virus. People are being asked to stay home and self quarantine to stop the risk of spreading or for the risk of contracting the virus. For some it can hard to stay entertained through this pandemic. If you like to play computer games then Cool Math Games is for you. Cool Math is appropriate for any age and there are multiple types of games as well as different types of skill levels too.  Feel free to try any of theses games when boredom strikes you next!

1.) Run

There are several series of this game. Currently there are versions 1-3 on Cool Math each include different maps and even have different characters to compete with. Each level has different ledges, ramps, and walk ways for the martian to get to the next level/ entry way. This game is very addicting, there are fun colors in each level too.

2.) Hangman

This is a fun take on the classic. This games teaches spelling and vocabulary in a fun way. Cool Math offer different skill levels so all ages can play. Cool Math offer relatable categories from celebrities to famous brands. All you have to do is guess letter by letter until you get the clue and if you run out of letters than you lose.

3.) Papa’s Cooking Games

There are several different versions of this game from cooking in a pizzeria to pancakeria. There is something for everyone with these games. In the all games you have four simple tasks. The tasks are to take the order, cook the item, add toppings, and deliver the item. Each item is scored based on how well you followed the order. You will receive stars and tips to move you further along in the game. Some people like to make the items wrong on purpose to see how the customer will react. The way you play this game is up you.

4.) Fireboy and Watergirl

This game is to be played with a partner. Both will worked together to unlock walls and push objects to get to the next level. The key to this game is teamwork. You get a grade at the end of each level to see how well you and your partner can get through the level since you are being timed. A tip to this game is to stay away from your partner’s lava you will die if you fall in and have to start over. This game is all about mind over matter.

5.) Snake

Snake is a tedious game that the longer you stay in the game the harder it gets. The snake is the green block and the red block is the apple. The snake has to eat the apple in order to grow larger. The object of the game is to stay away from the edges and corner or else the game is over. The snake moves fast and the longer it gets the harder it is to stay away from the corner or even collapsing on itself which would end the round. The more you play this game the better you will get at it.

Even if you think Cool Math is old news, I really think you should give it a try. Play it for the nostalgia or even for the new adventures. The games are fun and there is something for everyone on this site. Give Cool Math a chance if you’re bored. Who knows you might spent hours on it after you see how fun it is. Stay safe during this break as well.