Spring Break’s Over!


Jordan McCoy , Reporter

Currently schools all across the United States are shut down due to the coronavirus. Things like sports, proms, and graduations have already been postponed and cancelled. Authorities are instructing everyone to practice good hand washing technique and social distancing. Social distancing is keeping clear from big group gatherings and get together. Another big repercussion of this ongoing epidemic is spring break plans being cancelled. I interviewed a few fellow students to get their take on this virus and how it’s effecting them.

Senior, at Cabell Midland High School, Maddie Ayers said,“I had plans to go to Europe at the end of the year and that was canceled due to the virus so I’m pretty bummed but I understand why we can’t go.”

Another student Alaina Asebes said,“My family was planning on going to the beach over break but now we can’t so I’m obviously sad but I guess I’d rather be home than sick!”

So while everyone is disappointed in the cancellation of plans we understand what’s important. Keep washing your hands everyone and stay safe!