Why Seniors are Upset


Chenoa Bocook , Reporter

As everyone knows, the new pandemic , the Corona Virus, has us all out of school. For some, this might be a great break that they needed, but for the seniors, this is not how we wanted our last year of high school to go.
Unless the issues are cleared up in a fast pace, many have started the discussion of the most important parts of senior year being cancelled.
Prom, Color Day, our last day, and most important: Graduation.
“I think it’s just upsetting to think of all of the exciting things we’re going to miss” said senior Josie Lovejoy.

”Normally I would be excited for a break but this was awful timing, I was excited for all of these important events and we might never get to experience them now” said senior Kaleigh Bryant.

Not only is it upsetting because of the events we are going to miss, but all sports have also been cancelled, so with that being said, spring sports are devastated that they will not be able to experience their senior year doing that sport.

It isn’t just big events that we are upset about, it’s also just day to day memories and activities that we won’t be able to have either. It’s when you won’t be able to see your favorite principal or teacher.

This break isn’t something the seniors are excited about, but we know that if people aren’t safe and staying inside , then we will never get back to normal life.