Online School Week 1

Maddie Ayers, Reporter

The past few days have been different, to say the least. To say the most: they have been sad, lonely, pathetic, unhealthy, sour patch kids status, lazy, hazy, and uneventful, yet new in the worst way possible. I literally never use my Mac Book, but in the past 3 days I have used it constantly. This absolutely sucks. My teacher’s are posting on Schoology daily with assignment after assignment then grading what I turn in in minutes, it’s scary. My gov class is trying to have “discussion” in the comments section, but it’s not the same. I genuinely miss hearing everyone’s opinions, even if I did roll my eyes when I disagreed. To make it even worse, my lit class was assigned to read a short story and do an analysis worksheet on it, no big deal, but without all my classmates around to bounce ideas off of it took twice as long. Who knew a literary analysis could make you cry ? To say online school is not for me is an understatement, I will never get use to this, if this is how the rest of senior year is spent I will personally knock the crap out of this stupid virus. Really I’m going to struggle doing another week, like I really really really do not like this. Rant over.

Keep in mind its only been 3 days and I’m already feeling this crazy.. #SendHelp #TakeAwayTheSourPatchKids