Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

As we all know, schools throughout the nation are closed for a few weeks. As of right now, West Virginia is only closed until the end of Spring Break, but once it is over it will be reassessed to determine how much longer school will be closed.

Due to school being closed, it is stressful for a lot of students (teachers too), some students have younger siblings that they are in charge of so school work is tough to stay on top of, other have household responsibilities (even though school supposedly comes first), and others don’t have internet at home. I know that the county is doing its best to help those who do not have internet at home, and students are responsible for getting their own work in on time, but no one really knows when due date will be for these NTIDs due to not knowing when school will start back up, let alone if it will open back up before the end of the year. Elementary schools have already cancelled their General Summative Assessment Test, and schools in the Eastern Panhandle are cancelling all after school activities until May 9 (including prom) and at this point one can only guess what will happen for the rest of the school year in Cabell County.

Being quarantined is stressful and not everyone is aware of how they will finish the school year, I hope everyone stays healthy and enjoys their time away from school but continue to do their school work from home, they are not free days to hang around the house, they are school days that will not be made up, so the school work allows for us not to have to make them up.