Keeping Up with Work Over Break


Chase Blower, Reporter

Keeping up with all the assignments that our teachers are assigning us over break has proved as a difficult challenge. There is so much to keep up with now! Everyday is a new assignment and I feel like I do not have anytime to do it! A lot of upper class-men with jobs and other responsibilities are finding it very hard. We’re 5 days into the online school week and I am just finishing my work from day 2! Also what are we gonna do with AP tests? Taking them at home would be odd and I would be willing to bet most people would cheat which would hurt the people who actually try and care about passing the exams. And as of now we can’t take them at school because that would be to many people in one space. This is a very confusing and odd time and I feel like many people have no idea what’s going to happen.