Morgan Nelson, reporter

Most people wouldn’t know what it is like to be quarantined and kind of just blocked off from everyone but with this virus those who didn’t know what it was like now know.

Besides the obvious communicating devices used like phones, computers, and more that people can use, now a days (especially in a time like this) people have to resort to being either six feet apart with gloves on and masks on or talking/communicating while being protected behind a mountain of toilet paper (because that’s so reasonable). Which for those who hoarded it like it’s made of gold. Cause it is. (supernatural reference, which I highly recommend watching on Netflix). Then y’all need to get the virus, just saying (joking of course).

Besides the whole shortage of toilet paper there’s also been a shortage of food in stores (all of the stores that are here in Charleston anyway) because every time something like a virus is mentioned it’s like the end of the world, which I guess could be since no one knows how to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer until it gets to be so serious then people buy it like its the last bit that’s ever going to be made.