Life Updates with Mads: Rona Edition

Maddy Price, Reporter

Things are not going great here at the Price house to say the least. My days consist of overeating, watching KUWTK, and trying to keep up with online work.

This math homework is actually for the birds. Statistics is not fun and if you know anyone who can tutor me hit me up in the comments! I’ve actually had four mental breakdowns in the past hour about this whole Coronavirus. I’m frustrated that I have to stay home while these Instagram model (wannabes) are chilling at the beach. Literally just stay home so we can all get better! While you are taking your vacations, you are risking the spread to vulnerable people. I just want life to go back to the way it was because I just miss my friends.

Stay home so Class of 2020 can look bomb at prom and so we can graduate!

Also, wash your hands.