Mere’s Motivation: April

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Meredith Mears, Reporter

I can tell you that a month ago we were living such different lives. No one could predict this pandemic. We all got to see first hand how our lives can change in an instant. One day you are at school and the next it is canceled until further notice, non-essential businesses are shut down, parks closed and we can’t even spend time with the people we want to unless we maintain the six-foot social distancing rule all in an instant. Our world right now is scary. This month’s Mere’s Motivation is about keeping on with life and learning how to live life as a “new normal”. Right now April does seem uneventful due to the social distancing being in place until April 30th, but I rather give up anything just to stay safe.

“Keep On Keeping On” – Curtis Mayfield¬†

A popular song comes to mind during this odd time in the world. Just because the Coronavirus is a threat doesn’t mean the world doesn’t entirely stop. We are expected to keep on keeping on. We are adapting to the new times. Students are expected to work from home, some doctors are turning to phone calls visits, and churches are utilizing Facebook Live to preach their sermons. We keep moving.

It is now more than ever do we need our doctors, nurses, and health care, professionals to keep ongoing. These professionals are selfless and are stepping up at a time of need. I am very thankful for it. There are so many unsung heroes during this time, I give thanks to all who are risking their lives to help benefit others. I like to say thank you to all those who are helping our community by providing food to children who may not otherwise have it. Thank you to all of those who are helping during this time of need.

For everyone else, it is our job to stay inside. It is a way of saying thank you to those who are on the battlefield of this pandemic like doctors or nurses. I know how hard this can be, but enjoy it because these doctors don’t get a “vacation” like us. Do them a favor and do what is right.

As for me, my life hasn’t changed too much during this pandemic besides doing school from home and not being able to go anywhere. Granted as a senior, I am a little sad about not being able to enjoy events like color day, prom, or graduation. Though I understand that it is better to stay safe during this pandemic and to know that our time will come to enjoy these events when it is meant to be.

I learned how to keep on keeping on with my job. I work for a church and I watch the nursey kids. Sadly, the church can not go on like traditionally. So for fun, I have been making youtube videos for the kids to watch on Sunday’s. It’s a fun way to get my mind off of things while being able to put a smile on someone else’s face.

This month, I challenged you to stay safe through all of this, doing something nice for one another, and to keep on keeping on!