Jasper Jr. Gambino Asebes-Stapleton


Alaina Asebes, Reporter

For a while now I have always wanted a miniature wiener dog. I think they are the cutest things alive. They have the  little legs and the floppy ears. So cute! But my parents told me no. Of course, I was devastated but I begged and reasoned with them. Here’s how I did so!

I told them that the puppy would be for Devin’s birthday. He would be our puppy, but mostly stay at Devin’s house! They were okay with that idea (little did we know a huge pandemic would strike and Jasper wouldn’t go to his father’s house for a long time) So I set out on an adventure to find my perfect puppy.

After searching high and low to find a mini baby, I finally stumbled upon a woman selling red short haired puppies. I had to have one. I saw him and fell in love. All along Devin had no idea about Jasper. He was a surprise. So! The day we had to meet this lady I told Devin we were going to pick up something my mom bought off of Facebook market place. He totally fell for it. So we get pulled up to her car and I tell him we are actually getting a puppy and I pulled out his collar and Devin didn’t believe me! We got all the way to her car and she pulled out our little baby.

Devin was so surprised, it was amazing. So the next day Devin had to leave for Texas leaving me and Jasper at home. It was so sad. Anyways, we named him Jasper Jr after Devin’s wiener dog who passed away when he was younger. Gambino after Childish Gambino because we love him. And Asebes-Stapleton as his last name. He has been a handful and a half with just me raising him because Devin is being quarantined with his family and I’m with my family. He is the best quarantine baby ever. He will go to Devin Saturday and we are so excited because he hasn’t seen him in 2 weeks! We love our little slinky.