Dear Class of 2020


Elizabeth Simmons

Class of 2020: Born to Make a Lot of History, Apparently

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Dear Class of 2020,

This is our Senior year of high school, can you believe it? We’ve worked our butts off to get where we are today. The only downside is we were not expecting to have already experienced our lasts so soon. For some it was their last tournament, prom, game, practice, club meeting, in-person class, last time we saw our favorite teacher, and many more. We have all worked hard to get where we are today and had hoped things would be a lot better than they are, but things can change within seconds, one decision can change a person’s life long goal to walk across the stage or enjoy Senior skip day. You never realize how badly you want to be in school with your friends and teachers until it’s all ripped away from you within an instant.

While we were still in school all you heard was “I’m gonna drop out,” “this is a lot of work and it’s stressful,” “I wanna go home” and so much more, now all you see on social media is “I wanna go back to school,” “I miss my friends,” and “I miss hanging out with everyone at the games.” We take advantage of what we have and when it’s taken away from us we realize how much it has affected our lives. Take a second to look back on all the good that happened throughout these past four years, look at how much the teachers would rather see your mental health better than your grades, and you’ll start to notice that the staff at our school is there for us and don’t want to see us fail.

We have this opportunity to get work done at home and continue to keep our minds ready for when this madness ends. We were all hoping to go to school for at least the two weeks in May, but at this point I personally do not see this happening. I hope everything gets better and we can walk across the stage like we’ve always dreamed of doing but in all reality I do not believe that it will happen as soon as we had hoped. We’ll be off on our own paths soon and people will ask us what year we graduated and when we say 2020 the conversation will change, I guarantee it. I hope everyone is keeping up with their work and also hope they are enjoying this time and lovely weather to go outside (if you can), read a book, or even catch up on that show you’ve been wanting to watch in your free time; but overall I hope you are taking care of yourself and always know that there is someone that will be there for you if you need to talk, if there’s something on your mind message someone you can trust or a random person you sort of know but don’t think they will judge you. Keep up the good work and trust me I don’t like missing all of the lasts either and canceling plans we’ve had for months, but it is not in our control.