NBA 2K 20 Players Only Finals


Dean Neal, Reporter

Yesterday 4/11/20 NBA 2k hosted the 2K20 players only tournament. The finals was between Phoenix’s Devon Booker and Deandre Ayton. The finals was a best out of 3 series.

In the first game of this Booker used the Hosuton Rockets and Ayton used the Los Angeles Lakers, Booker won 72-62. In the second game Booker was the Denver Nuggets and Ayton was the Milwaukee Bucks. Booker won this game 74-62.

Booker walked away with $100,000 that gets donated for research for the Coronavirus.

Since we haven’t had live sports games this has been a really cool and fun event. It gives the fans some type of entertainment and for everyone to relax and have fun for a little bit during these hard times.