Easy Cinnamon Honey Milk

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

An interesting combination of flavours combined can make any food or drink go from boring to fabulous. One amazing comfort drink to try would be cinnamon honey milk.

You will need:

• ground cinnamon

• honey

• milk

Incredibly simple, and only takes a short amount of time to make. First you will want to boil enough water in a kettle for your mug. While you’re waiting, add enough honey in the mug to coat the bottom thinly, you can add or take according to taste but it is best if you at least cover the bottom of the mug with the thin layer of honey. Next you will want to add one to three shakes of ground cinnamon. Again, according to taste. Now, once your water is boiled you can take a few different routes. If you prefer more water, fill with as much water as you like and top it off with milk. If you prefer more of a creamy taste, fill the cup halfway with the boiling water and the rest with milk. Before you add your milk you will want to stir the honey and cinnamon into the water. Mind the cinnamon will not completely mix if you add a lot.

There you have it! You made honey cinnamon honey milk. This drink is amazing any time of the day, or night. Cool to share with and make for friends as well!