Criminal Minds

Amber Mount, Reporter

Since Criminal Minds has been the one and only thing thats keeping my sanity at bay I thought it was fitting to write a story on it.Criminal minds is a 15 season show based on a group of FBI agents who have to figure out out to catch serial killers everyday and figure out out how to have a life outside of the office. The main reason I watch this show is because of a man named Matthew Gray Gubler. He is the actor that plays Spencer Reid throughout the whole show and he’s wonderful. He plays the part so well ( just as much as the other actors) and he is insanely good looking. Now he may be 40 years old but age is just a number. I 10/10 recomend this show during our isolation. This show is not for the faint of heart though because every episode talks about serial killers and what they do to their victims. But if you do think that kind of stuff is interesting than I recommend watching it.