How Quarantine has Changed Me


Photo Credit- Cabell County Schools

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Over the course of the past 4 weeks we have been on quarantine. For some, it’s overly stressful and they miss seeing their friends. Others are making the best of their quarantine. I have been one of those categorized as other. Throughout the quarantine, I have gone outside and enjoyed the nice days everyday, there’s only been about one day a week that I have not gone outside in the past 4 weeks. Me and my sister have been playing kickball with our neighbors, who are also our cousins, every chance we get (staying 6 feet apart of course) and my energy has been better than ever before. I have also stayed in touch with my best friends and recently got really good news from one! My sister and I have stayed caught up on our school work and still had free time to play outside once we are finished for the day. These have all been personal goals of mine for a while now but never have the chance to be outside for more than 2 hours. If you set your mind to it, it can become possible. Don’t be a couch potato, even if it means walking from your room to the kitchen every time you would change class like when in school (at 10:57 or 11, and again at other class changing times), try to keep a schedule and eat lunch around the same time each day, and try to wake up around the same time every day but give yourself an extra hour or so on the weekends.

Now there are always some bad in all of the good so here’s what I’m most upset about that the Coronavirus has taken away from me, my family, and fellow seniors. This is our senior year and it’s the one school year everyone looks forward to. We look forward to senior trips, dances, going to the games throughout the year, prom, and finally the biggest one of all….walking across the stage. Now we all know we are not a normal bunch of kids, and our school year has changed or had an impact on us every year since we started school. Our lives have been crazy. So why did we expect our senior year to be any different?

We were hoping that one year would be all it took to think back on all of the good memories through your educational life, make new friends or drop the bad ones, go to our last football game with our friends, go to our senior prom, and say goodbye to all of our friends that we may never see again. We wanted one year to seem somewhat normal and the biggest part of our senior year was stripped away from us, we may never see that one best friend again, we may never have our senior prom, and we might not be able to walk across the stage at graduation. For some, graduating and walking across the stage is the biggest milestone of their lives, even if we do have graduation it will not feel the same. We will never be able to fully get rid of the Coronavirus and we will likely have limits on the amount of people in one place on everything from now on.

Graduation will not be the same. Life will not be the same. For the things that were taken from me and my family: we can’t go to King’s Island yet (we go at least 5 times a year), my sister may not be able to go on her fifth grade trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, going to my mom’s house in Minnesota may be changed this year, and I’m going to Marshall next year and at this point no one knows when our peak of Coronavirus will happen, we don’t know if there will be an orientation (it may be virtual at this point), and I may be starting my college career online.

Everyone is being affected by the Coronavirus in their own way and we all cope with it in our own ways. What I’m doing to stay calm is going outside everyday, not eating unless it’s meal time or I’m truly hungry, and keeping up with my homework at my own pace. We will get through this, we just need to focus on what we have and not what was taken away. As they say in Meet the Robinsons “Keep Moving Forward!”