White House’s Guidelines to Reopen Life

Maddy Price, Reporter

During this pandemic, Americans have been locked in their houses longing for life to look like it did a month ago prior to the outbreak. Many citizens have their own opinions about if America should even consider the reopen in fears of the virus spiking. However, Trump strongly believes the nation can prosper if the reopen is done safely. To operate safely Trump has created guidelines and phases for governors to open their states back up. Each state must meet certain criteria before moving to any phases. If states meet the criteria to begin “phase one,” it is still recommend that vulnerable citizens should continue to self-isolate at home.

No groups larger than 10 people are permitted and business will accommodate to new rules. The new regulations might include customers dining in must sit two tables apart or everyone must continue to wear mask in public. Churches, theaters, and sporting events will open but they will also have strict regulations to adapt towards. If there continues to be no spikes and outbreaks then the governor can issue for the next phase to begin. Each phase will gradually decline with measures so that Americans can return to normal life. However, if the virus spreads positively among communities the president will step in and order a shutdown once again. Governors have the power to reopen their states as soon as today or anytime after that within reason. Despite this glimmer of hope, it is urged that Americans continue to practice safe health mandates and isolate if needed.