Mike Conley wins the Horse Challenge

Dean Neal, Reporter

On Thursday, April 16 the NBA hosted the finals of the NBA horse challenge. The finals was between bills shooting guard Zach Lavine and Utah jazz better in point guard Mike Conley. Mike Conley ended up winning this event, making him the first first challenge winner. The NBA has done a horse challenge in the past but it’s been during All-Star weekend, this is the first time it’s been done on TV, and the first time it’s been at the players houses.

The reason that this was done at their houses was due to the coronavirus, this has made everything rough for sports Fanz. Not even just fans of sports for everyone in the whole world, but this TV national event of the horse challenge has made everyone a little bit more happy, it’s been entertaining to watch. I think that this event helped people, especially people that watch sports see that there are other things that we can do to take our mind off the tragedy that’s going on the world and just take a break from everything.

Another good thing about this event is the winner, Mike Conley,walked away with $200,000, this money will go to the foundation of cure for coronavirus. This $200,000 will go along way in helping them find cures for this deadly disease and help save the world.

I thought that was a very good at that and I think the NBA and ESPN should do more of this in the future to help the time pass.