ESPN’s “The Last Dance Airs”

Dean Neal, Reporter

Yesterday, on April 19, 2020 ESPN put its first episode out of the last dance. This is the first of 10 episodes of the Michael Jordan and bulls document eight for the 1997 1998 NBA season.

It is about their last season together and how they manage to still win the championship even though the front office was saying that everyone will be gone because they were rebuilding. This was a very hyped up event and it will be for the next five weeks. There will be two episodes every Sunday, so two episodes a week

This documentary shows all the players from the Chicago Bulls roster and they all talk how that year was for them. It also talks about how all the front office was threatening Phil Jackson, the Bulls coach, that this will be his last season, the news beers last season, because the front office told him it would be even if they went undefeated. And it turns into a big controversy because Michael Jordan said that he would not play for another NBA coach other than Phil Jackson.

I watch this documentary and personally I cannot wait for more, I thought it was really good and it was a good two hours of time to forget about everything bad that’s going on the world.