A Shoutout From The Class Of 2020


Special thank you to all those who submitted photos for me to use for my article!

Meredith Mears, Reporter

On Tuesday, April 21st, Governor Jim Justice announced that all face to face classroom instruction will be canceled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This means for the class of 2020, we will never get to enjoy another typical school day at Cabell Midland. Unfortunately during this unprecedented time, the future is unknown. Potentially, the senior customs here at the castle aren’t carrying on like usual, events like color day, prom, senior awards ceremony are either canceled or postponed. Our graduation is postponed and is projected to take place on June 26th. This is hard for the senior class as they have worked for thirteen years to walk across the stage and we may not get to have a traditional ceremony as we deserve. The hardest part is that we didn’t get a chance to officially say goodbye to our fellow peers and teachers that we have spent at least the past four years with.

Typically at the senior awards ceremony, seniors have the chance to share where they are going to college, scholarships they have been awarded, and future plans. Since this year is different, teachers and staff have been working hard to share the accomplishments of the class of 2020 by adding senior quotes and college plans to the yearbook. I wanted to give everyone a chance to share their accomplishments just like they would at the awards ceremony.

As being apart of the class of 2020 I can say we are strong. We entered the world during 9/11 and now we are graduating during a pandemic. We are strong and we will get through this!

Here is the wonderful class of 2020!

Allie Adkins-

“I plan on attending Mountwest Community and Technical College. I hope to major in American Sign Language.”

Chenoa Bocook-

“I’m going to Marshall planning to get a business degree” 

Katelyn Chapman-

“Planning to go to Mountwest Community and Technical College.” 

Madison Freeman- 

“Well basically the scholarships I have received is the A. Michael Perry Scholarship from Marshall, but I’m hoping to get a higher scholarship when I take the ACT in June. Marshall has also given me the WV Society of Washington DC, which I didn’t even know about. I am also a finalist for the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation Scholarship (ALEF), which I am supposed to have an interview for it but due to the coronavirus it’s been put on hold for now and once it’s out of the way the director is supposed to call me and set up an interview. Plans after high school is basically attending college at Marshall University. I’m currently undecided, but hopefully, I’ll have something in mind soon.”

Katie Gaddy- 

My name is Katie Gaddy and I plan on attending Marshall University this fall. My plan is to major in Elementary Education and specialize in Special Education, and I hope to get my master’s in education. I also hope to keep working at my job at Drug Emporium as a stocker, and hope to also pursue photography as my side job!” 

Carlee Lusher

“I plan to attend WVU and major in cybersecurity. I received the Promise scholarship and other merit-based scholarships”

Cheyenne Luther-

“I did FFA, I was in archery, and I was an Agricultural ambassador.”

Cheyenne is furthering her education at Mountwest Community and Technological College. 

Cyrah Moore- 

“I am attending Marshall University in the fall for healthcare management. I have been awarded the MyHuntington Scholarship.”

Shelby Nicely- 

“I’m graduating with very high honors, I graduated from the ECE program in high school, and for my future, I plan to go to Mountwest to be a Radiology Tech.”

Mckenna Nixon-

“Going to Marshall, with a full ride from two grants and two scholarships, to study in education and math.” 

Emma Olson-

“Planning to not go to college but work full time at target, and later on study to be a photographer” 

Hannah Perry-

“I’m attending Marshall University, and joining the Athletic Training program to become a Physical Therapist.”

 Brooke Powers-

“Scholarships: John Marshall and PROMISE. Accomplishments: accepted into the First2 summer STEM program to study biology, chemistry, and forensic science. Future plans: Bachelor’s degree in forensic chemistry, and work for the WV state crime lab.” Brooke is also continuing her education at Marshall University. 

Madison Price-

“I’m going to be a future registered nurse.”

Taylor Ramey- 

“I am going to Marshall for music education. I hope to teach children music one day to carry on the joy that music has brought me”.

Maddie Sansom-

“I’m going into nursing most likely.”

Maddie will be continuing her education at Marshall University. 

Savannah Scaggs- 

“I will be attending Marshall Nursing School and will gain my BSN then work to become a Midwife. I am in Marshall’s Honors College.”

Elizabeth Simmons-

“I’m bound for Marshall with a full ride on academic scholarships. I was also editor of the newspaper, captain of the archery team for three years, and was the second chair in the orchestra program. My current major states Digital Forensics but I’m planning on getting in contact with my advisor ASAP to get it changed to Psychology with a minor in Forensics. My goal is to become a forensic psychologist.” 

Alexis Spurlock- 

“I am going to continue my education at Marshall University” 

Hannah Tomes- 

“Some scholarships I have gotten are the John Marshall Scholarship anc the WV Promise Scholarship. My future plans are to get my bachelor’s degree in journalism at Marshall with an emphasis on professional writing.”

As for myself, I will be going to Marshall University to study communication disorders to eventually become a speech pathologist in pediatrics. I am happy to say that I have graduated from the Early Childhood Education program with 215 community service hours.

I know the class of 2020 is going to make the world proud. Congrats students! Best of luck students to your future endeavors!

Thank you to all the students for your submissions.