Keeping Up With Schoolwork

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

Since we are all out of school for the rest of the semester, and must complete assignments at home, some of us are on top of it while others struggle to focus. There are a few strategies that personally keep me on track and from procrastinating work.

For one, you must have the correct mind set. No matter how much you act like you don’t care, or even if you truly don’t you should start to think about your future one step at a time. It all starts with passing your classes, and to do that you have to do your school work.

Next, I think about the easy classes I can make content/do the work for in short periods of time. I almost always knock these out first, and as I am writing at 3 am it’s apparent I’m telling you the truth. I seem to believe as long as a few subjects are completed already, that leaves a smaller amount of work. It makes me feel confident I didn’t procrastinate and leave everything to stress over at the last minute.

Then, say I am making videos for Mass Comm, if I have really good ideas at the spur of a moment, I go ahead and make a few week’s worth of videos. Why not? It only puts you ahead in the long run, and saves you time and effort. For example, I recently made videos on making comfort foods and coffee/teas. Of course I made three separate videos, and look there that’s three weeks of videos I don’t have to worry about now. So moral of this claim, you can work smarter (and sometimes harder) to relax later.

Another tip, I obviously give myself personal time to relax and take everything one at a time. I don’t actually rush through all of my assignments, I only get a head start. You can make sure you stay mentally healthy by taking breaks to play video games, watch Youtube, read, listen to music, whatever it is. Then when you know you’ve relaxed enough, you can pick right back up where you were and finish your work.

This strategy is honestly the simplest thing ever, and it doesn’t take much effort to be a good student. Even though grades supposedly cannot lower, why not try to raise them. Do your best to stay happy and healthy, and to become successful.