Seniors – We’re Not the Only Ones


Elizabeth Simmons

Incoming Freshmen Pictured: Top Left to Right: Jillian Barr, Aden McCormill, Blake Maness Side Top to Bottom: Marlee Spurlock, Ryan Johnson, Maddie Smith

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

Here at Midland, we’re constantly focused on the here and now, but one thing we might want to consider looking into is our future. 


We’ve seen quite a few stories this month about our seniors, and while they have been touching, heart-warming, and taught us quite a bit about what the underclassmen need to take more advantage of in the future, they have not taught us about one thing: the younger people coming into the castle once the seniors leave. 


We seniors realize we are not the only ones affected by the current situation, and want to highlight a few of the rising freshmen coming to the castle this coming year!


Jillian Barr

Participated in band, tennis, JYC, and NJHS: could Midland be looking at a rising tennis champion, or the future President of National Honor Society: Excalibur Chapter?


Ryan Johnson

Member of NJHS and Barboursville LEO Club; are we looking at our future Student Body President?


Blake Maness

Played drums with Mr.Akers in the orchestra and was given the opportunity to work with Midland’s drumline! He plans to keep working with them throughout his time at the castle!


Aden McCormill

Another active member of NJHS, and an athlete throughout all three years of middle school: wrestling, track, and football – could Midland be looking at another star athlete on the rise?


Maddie Smith

Clarinet player for the band, participating in All-County and All-Area band for the past two years, and taking a particular interest in color guard, an athlete in her softball team, and active in her church youth group: New Life Student Ministries. Could Midland be gaining yet another Marching Knight to lead them to victory?


Marlee Spurlock

Took an interest in gymnastics and cheerleading and is interested in trying out cheer, dance, or color guard at Midland. Are we looking at a future dance captain for our Rhythm in Red show choir or a majorette for our undefeated Marching Knights?


Elijah Terry

Played trumpet in band, interested in joining Marching Knights and going to Votech to earn certifications in engineering. Could he be a potential section leader to lead our knights to victory once again? 


We know the current times are difficult, and they are proving to be positively trying, however, the times ahead are likely to prove even more trying for the incoming freshmen of Cabell Midland High School. We here would like to wish you all the best and welcome you with open arms and we encourage you to try everything you have on your list at least once, be it a sport, club, class, whatever! 


We hope you enjoy your time because it is limited and it truly flies, and we want you to enjoy every minute; here, at the castle.