Can NBA Teams Benefit From The Break?

Dean Neal, Reporter

It’s been a while now and that for the past few months all sports have been postponed. NBA has been down, and some NBA teams could maybe benefit from this break.
For example, the Los Angeles Clippers have been battling injuries all year. Now the duo Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can get used to playing with each other. Other teams like the Rockets will also have an advantage, because I can get used to playing in the small ball lineups.

rockets GM Darrell Murray said that the rockets and Lakers we benefit from this break. No matter what happens all the NBA teams and players should be well rested and in shape for these games to resume. There is also worried that some players have not been staying up with the workouts and being healthy and eating the right diet’s over this postponed break. But the good news has come, the NBA facilities will start to reopen soon, these will Go to the players access to shoot around on the hoops, workouts, and personal trainers to help with the diet and workouts.

Even if the NBA teams are benefiting from this break, it’s safe to say that the fans are not. This is been a hard time  without sports. Except seen the most important time that we need it.