A Farewell to Medieval Times

Maddy Price, Reporter

Reminiscing on the beginning of my senior year, I was the least bit thrilled to be in newspaper. I remember thinking it was a waste of time and something I would dread every morning. However, meeting Chrisa Hayes changed all of that for me. She was the one teacher I could really connect with even if I was hateful most mornings. We had the best times joking, talking about life, and the occasional bickering back and forth. I hate sappy post so I’ll keep this short, I’m forever thankful I joined this class and that I got to meet such an amazing teacher along the way.

My advice to the upcoming seniors and underclassmen is to live it up. Life is too short and that is something I’ve had to learn the hard way because of the corona outbreak. So if you’re thinking about skipping or sleeping in, just don’t! Cherish as much time as you can with your friends and classmates. Trust me, it all will be over in a blink of an eye.